How does one get ready to play THE ULTIMATE World War II game.  Besides running all your old pieces through the gentle cycle on the dishwasher, here are some things you an do to get ready to read the rules and get your first game going:

Think Differently About Victory: Victory on Global is all about meeting your victory conditions and keeping your enemies from meeting theirs.  When you set out to play, study all the victory conditions so you know what each nation is trying to achieve.   Don’t get caugh
t up in smashing everyone’s armies.  IF you are the United States, you are powerful but your VCs are more difficult.  If you are China…well, you’ll be satisfied with kicking out the foreigners and squashing the CCP.  Remember also that not everything that is valuable for victory has an IPP value on it. In play tests people often wanted to know why every little island didn’t have a point value.  In truth, the islands are worth victory conditions for Japan and the US, so they ARE worth fighting for.

IMG_4303Study your Advantages: If you know which nations you are going to be playing in the next game, get to know the advantages they  have and how to exploit them, That said, know your opponents weaknesses as well.   Some people may ignore reading every nation’s sheet because they are use to those sheets only having set ups and stats but they are rich sources of information.  Its good to know that Britain and Japan are vulnerable to blockades.  That Japan can transport units on destroyers….and so on.

Organize: Nothing slows game play like digging through boxes of stuff to find the right piece.  Invest in some trays that will allow players to quickly sort their pieces.  Right now there are 30 new 3D units, soon to be about 8 new types of Global War-2nd edition units (in Spring), a ton of Global-compatible Amerika units, a new US set releasing this week, and a bunch more stuff in process – You will need good organization for the units, markers, roundels etc….

IMG_4293 (2)

Plan a Game Day: You will need a good full day to play the game, so pick a day that you can get the boys (or girls) together, and start reviewing the rules.  And EMAIL if you have questions