Japanese Summary Table  (Summarizes all Japanese Units : Amerika to Global War Conversion)

Unit AtK Def Move Cost Notes
SNLF 3 5 1 4 Marine
Ho-Ki 4 5 2 4 *Advanced mechanized
SP ART 4 4 2 4 *SP Advanced Artillery
SPAA 3@3 3@3 2 6 SP anti aircraft
Chi-to 6 6 2 6 *Medium armor
O-1 Heavy tank 9 8 1 9 *Super heavy armor
Shinden 7 7(6) 2 11 *Interceptor
Ki-90 Bomber SB 3(1) 15 15 *Long range strategic bomber

* = Advanced Technology. Requires one or more technologies from the TechnologyTable.

Ho-Ki SPAA-1

Self-Propelled AA guns are clearly missing from the Global War unit family.  That is – until you get your hands on one of these puppies.  Its pretty much an AA gun that moves two instead of one space.

Unit Attack Defense Move Cost
Ho-Ki 3@3 3@3 2 6

Availability: July 1942

Ho-Ki Mechanized Infantry

Amerika gives players the Ho-Ki- which we will use in the Global War-2nd Edition rules as an “Advanced Mechanized Infantry.” I would the first to say that there is nothing really “advanced” about the contraption, its a wooden box on treads, but since there is no unit that one can use specifically for advanced mechanized yet this fits the bill and so that’s what we are going to call it so you at least have a piece for it if you want one.

The Type 1 Ho-Ki was a tracked vehicle that entered service in 1944 as an artillery tractor and personnel transport. The total number produced was low due to its late entry in the war.

With Japanese armor costing a very expensive 8 IPP, and with a lot of territory to cover if you are playing a China strategy, the Ho-Ki isn’t a bad deal – Its got good attack and defense for the cost and the move to get it from your factories into the heart of China – or towards India – or across the USSR if that’s your plan.

Unit Attack Defense Move Cost
Ho-Ki 4 5 2 4


O-I Heavy Tank

The O1 was a heavy Japanese tank prototype. A 100-ton and a 120 ton version were designed. The massive tank would have had a crew of 11 and a top speed of only 15 mph (25kts). The tank was designed in a number of configurations featuring 10cm or105mm main guns and secondary 37mm or 47mm anti-tank turrets and up to three 7.7mm machine guns. One version of the tank also featured two light rocket artillery canisters. A heavy tank of this caliber was initial designed to counter Soviet forces which proved superior in early war border conflicts in Manchuria.

Unit Attack Defense Move Cost
O1 9 8 1 9


Availability: After Japan develops Heavy Armor

Target Selection: 1-2 Armor-Class Units.

Super-Heavy: The O-1 cannot be the subject of target selection.

How might the Japanese player use the O-1 effectively?  Its move of one represents obviously its abysmally slow speed combined with its weight that would render it unfit for almost any small bridge in Asia – but the O-1 is as good in the game as it could have been in life – which is to say, it will make mincemeat out of Soviet tanks not to mention it will crush Chinese forces – It just won’t get anywhere very quickly.  An O-1 would be a nice addition to Japanese land forces in China.   Thus as a Japanese strategy investment in Heavy Armor is a good way to go – not only because it give you the Chi-To medium tank which brings your armor in line with the rest of the world but it also gives you access to this massive beast to crush all opposition.



The O-1 is available in the Amerika game from Historical Board Gaming.

Ha-To Artillery

The Type 4 Ha-To SP Artillery was a tracked self-propelled artillery gun developed by the Japanese army. The Ha-To carried a 300mm mortar firing a 374lb shell up to 1.9 miles. The unit represents self-propelled Advanced Artillery – which means that after you develop Advanced Artillery using the Global War-2nd Edition you can purchase this beauty!  Advanced Artillery supports infantry on a 1:1 basis, giving ATTACKING infantry a +1 combat bonus and artillery in Global War-2nd edition has first strike on the first round of combat – i.e. it fires and removes its casualties first.

Unit Attack Defense Move Cost
Ha-To 4 4 2 5

This unit is part of the Amerika game available at www.HBG.com

Chi-To Medium Tank

The Chi-To was a Japanese medium tank design. The 30-ton vehicle had a 75mm main gun and two light machine guns. Japanese material shortages in the war prevented this tank from entering full production.

Japan is one of the nations in the game that begins with expensive armor (8IPP). This cost reflects the overall poverty in Japanese armor quality both in terms of armor, gun size and reliability.   The Chi-To represents overall improvement in Japanese armor that reduces the cost to the same as other nations.

Unit Attack Defense Move Cost
Chi-To 6 5 2 6


Availability: After Japan develops Heavy Armor.

Blitz: The Chi-To may blitz.

The Chi-To is one of the units that comes in the newly released Amerika game at www.historicalboardgaming.com

Shinden Fighter

The Shinden Jet fighter is another Amerika unit that you will be able to use quite effectively in Global War-2nd edition with the rules here (or in the soon to be released Amerika Global War Companion.)  First, lets get to know the front from the back.   The right side of this image is the front and the back has a pusher-propellor and two stabilization fins.

The Kyushu J7W Shinden was a Japanese advanced interceptor with a rear pusher propeller. The Shinden was a land-based interceptor intended to counter the American B-29s which were causing significant damage to Japanese infrastructure. The Shinden had four 30mm cannons. The aircraft had excellent maneuverability but a range of only 530 miles. While only two prototypes were completed, the Japanese estimated that over a thousand could be produced between April 1946 and March 1947 to defend the home island.

Unit Attack Defense Move Cost
Shinden 7 7(6) 2 11

 Availability: January 1946 (if you are not using variable game end rules, make the Shinden available when Japan has Stage 3 Jet Aircraft.

Interceptor: The Shinden can only cause casualties to aircraft.

Land-Based: The Shinden cannot be placed on an Aircraft Carrier.


Kyushu J7W Shinden

The finishing touches are on the GLOBAL WAR COMPANION for Amerika which means that it will not be too long – hopefully for ya’lls Christmas present you will be able to use all the base pieces from Amerika in Global War.  So lets start with one you are really going to want to use as Japan the Ki-91 bomber.

he Ki-91Ki-91 Bomber was a 4-engine long range bomber designed by the Japanese during World War II. The project was cancelled before reaching the prototype stage. The proposed bomber had a range of 5,592 miles. It would have carried eight 20mm cannons for self-defense and about 8,000lbs of bombs.

In order to get ahold of it you will need to develop long-range aircraft technology but this is much much more exciting – it has a range of 15 – which means it can support a whole lot of operations from Japan.  That puts this bad boy anywhere from Calcutta, to San Francisco to Novosibirsk.  There is a requirement for you to first build at least two other long-range aircraft but that’s a small price to pay for the impressive range the Ki-91 can provide.



Unit Attack Defense Move Cost
Ki-91 Strategic bombing 3(1) 15 15



WHY THE HS-293 IS A GAME CHANGER:   HBG’s new Ordnance set features a number of new weapons – including a few you can use to outfit your strategic and medium bombers for anti-shipping duty.  The development of the HS-293 requires Stage 3 Rockets and Stage 3 Radar – making the average availability of this weapon for Germany July of 1942 (if you roll in an average way).

The HS-293 is one of my favorite weapons because it really allows the Germans soIMG_7809me new possibilities.     Strategic Bombers can now be used to target convoy lines – giving them an added ability they would not have.

ORDA 4.0 convoy raiding by aircraft

4.0 Overview: Some aircraft from Global War expansions may engage in Convoy Raiding. The procedure is similar to a submarine raiding except as follows:

4.1 Combat Air Patrol: A raiding aircraft must be on combat air patrol and capable of raiding.

4.2 Escorts: Escorting surface warships get a single attack against the aircraft unless those aircraft have first strike.

4.3 Advanced ASW: Players who have developed Advanced ASW automatically get a single attack at “2” against each enemy raiding aircraft raiding the convoy line where they have IPP to lose.

The aircraft must be on combat air patrol – which gives it a range of only “1”- however a bomber could quickly make the trip down to somewhere on the African coast, or out to the Azores which would put it in good striking position for the convoy lines.    A great house rule to represent the FW Condor (and other) long-range anti-shipping aircraft would be to give bombers a patrol range of “2” which would put them out into the Atlantic (or elsewhere) enough to really be a menace.

– You might be wondering why exactly players with Advanced ASW get an attack at the aircraft – the reason for this is that Advanced ASW would include the use of CAM ships which could launch aircraft to defend the convoy.


Download the Ordnance Rules here for free

Global War -2nd Edition Optional Rule

When Germany attempts to annex Slovakia the British and French player must decide jointly to allow or contest the annexation of Slovakia.  They do this after the German player’s Combat Movement Phase.  If they allow it, proceed as outlined in the Global War-2nd edition rules.  If they contest it combat occurs between Germany’s attacking forces and the forces in Slovakia.  If Germany wins, Britain’s income is reduced by 3 IPP and France’s by 1 IPP.  However, if Germany loses or retreats the British and French are empowered to resist and instead Britain gains 3 IPP and France 1 IPP in Peacetime Income increases.