Panther II Medium TankThe Panther II is a Germany heavy tank. The Panther II improved the Panther I by giving it increased armor protection and adding the Tiger’s hard-hitting 88mm gun. Only one Panther II prototype was completed by war’s end. In game, this unit represents improvements to the Advanced Armor already available for development.

Unit Attack Defense Move Cost
Panther II 9 8 2 9



Availability: When Germany develops Heavy Armor and produces at least 3 Tiger IEs or other Advanced Armor.

This is a really great looking unit on the board – I like how it strikes fear into my opponents. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I do feel like I’m going to win the game when I have a 9/8, blitzing armor on the board.  Just one or two of these is enough to anchor a formation of infantry on defense or spearhead an assault.

Me-262H1 Jet Fighter

The Me-262H is yet another Amerika unit you are going to want on the Global War table. This is classified as an “advanced jet fighter” – it requires not only jet technology but also having built some jets along the way. Once you have it its the best fighter in the game.    It will keep allied bombers off your factories and support your offensives Eastward.

Unit Attack Defense Move Cost
ME-262H1 9 (6) 9(6) 4 14


Availability: After Germany has developed Jet Fighter technology and built at least 5 jet fighters of any type.

Katzchen Mechanized InfantryThe Katzchen is a great way to represent advanced mechanized infantry on your global war game board.  Once Germany develops Advanced Mech using the Global War-2nd Edition tech chart you are in a good position to take out the Soviets.  The Advanced Mech is a 4/5 with a move of 2 and like normal mech pairs 1:1 with blitzing armor.

The Katzchen itself only entered prototype stage as an armored personnel carrier and never saw combat.

Unit Attack Defense Move Cost
KATZCHEN 4 5 2 4

 Availability: When Germany develops Advanced Mechanized Infantry

Ho XVIII Bomber

The Ho-XVIII was a flying-wing jet bomber design. The bomber was part of the Amerika bomber project to create a long-range weapon to strike targets in the United States. It’s stealthy design has lead some to speculate it would have given the US only eight minutes warning on approach.

Now of all the units in Amerika this is the one your’e going to want.  It will cost you in tech development but then…it can pretty much bomb anyone – anywhere – with a range of 18!  Aside from that it can’t be intercepted very easily.  That means you could hit Calcutta from Berlin, land in Formosa, and drop bombs on San Francisco the next turn.

Unit Attack Defense Move Cost
Ho-xviii 8 (1) 2 18 16

Availability: When Germany develops both Jet Fighter technology and long-range aircraft technology.

Flying Wing: The interception value of all aircraft opposing the HO-XVII is reduced by 2 so long as it (and other Friendly flying wings) are the only units in combat

GW Panther SP Artillery

The GW Panther is an excellent unit to have – After you develop Advanced Artillery this unit gives you a first strike 4/4 unit that moves 2 and supports your infantry at +1 attack value.  That’s a pretty good value!  I like this (and some of the other Amerika units) because it gives you added benefits for developing certain technologies.  Now with Advanced Artillery you’ll get this unit (plus if you have our Ordnance expansion your a good way towards a few other nice weapons).

The GW Panther, had it been produced would have had a 15cm (150mm) main gun with an armored copula to protect the crew.




Unit Attack Defense Move Cost
GW Panther 4 4 2 5

Availability: When Germany develops Advanced Artillery

Flakpanzer Coelian SPAAThe Flakpanzer Coelian comes in the Amerika set and is a great addition to Global War-2nd edition.   This weapon is something you’ll want to keep your armor columns protected as they drive east.

The Flakpanther Coerilian was a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun design that did not see service. The weapon had a fully-enclosed armored turret with twin 37mm anti-aircraft guns that could traverse 360 degrees.

Unit Attack Defense Move Cost


3@3 3@3 2 6

Availability: July 1942 (although this unit was not developed until later, it represents a variety of self-propelled anti-aircraft guns)

E-100 Heavy TankOf all the units in HBG’s Amerika, my favorite to throw on the board has to be the E-100.  It’s big, mean and very intimidating.   So as we continue to give you ways to transition the Amerika units into Global War lets take a closer look at this – the big daddy of all tanks, the E-100.

The E-100 was a super-heavy, 140-ton tank with a 128mm main armament and a 75mm coaxial gun. Even with this load, the E-100 could achieve speeds of 25mph with a road range of 120 miles.

Unit Attack Defense Move Cost
E-100 9 9 2 10

Availability: When Germany develops Heavy Armor and produces at at least six Advanced Armor

Target Selection: 1-4 Armor-class units

Super Heavy: The E-100 cannot be the subject of Target Selection.

Yeah, you pay for this one, but it is a total wrecking machine once you get it.  Your opponent can’t use target selection to take it out, it has target selection 1-4 of its own, it hits on a 9, moves 2. and since it is armor it can blitz.   Definitely a late-war game changer.