The U.S. Set #3 is finally out : In this post I want to take a look at what you get:


  1. Infantry: The “late war infantry” as they are described on our website are spec-ed out in the rules as “Heavy Infantry”. These are equipped with the best late-war weapons which would include shape-charged anti-tank weapons (bazookas!) which accounts for the Target Selection :1 (Armor-class units)
  2. M3A2 Halftracks:  These are regular half-tracks (no special treatment in the rules).  If you prefer to us them as “Advanced Mechanized” although if you have Amerika the the M75 really has a nice look.
  3. 155mm “Long Tom”: These are great for use as advanced artillery (i.e. from technology development chart)
  4. Greyhound Armored Car:  These are a new unit to Global War – at least – they are now modeled for use with the rules.  They are an Attack 3, Defense 2 – representing somewhat of a smaller but more mobile unit that can provide a quick attack but will suffer on defense because its not as large as an infantry corps.
  5. M4A3 Shermans: Again, no special rules for these guys but they are a cut above the “Sherman” you got in other sets. They are nicely detailed.
  6. Pershing Tank: The Pershing is ideal for representing heavy armor per the Global War technology development chart.
  7. P-47 Thunderbolt:  Now here is a fun one to use: It can fly as a fighter or a tactical bomber making it a profoundly versatile weapon for the US player.
  8. SB2C Helldiver:  This is your standard tactical bomber, no separate rules.
  9. B-24 Liberator Heavy Bomber: This weapon makes a good Heavy Strategic Bomber (another technology development)
  10. P-80 Shooting Star: This unit can be used to represent US jets when they are developed through the tech development process – and can I add here – there is no more “all of the sudden” all your prop planes turn into jets.  You do have to buy them so you are going to need some of these.
  11. Omaha Class Light Cruiser:  The light cruiser has, up to now, been absent from the table but no more. Light cruisers are a step between your 4/4 destroyer and your 6/6 cruiser. A lot of nations had been building them during the Washington Naval Treaty since they were limited on heavy cruisers and battleships.
  12. Baltimore Class Heavy Cruiser: This unit makes a beautiful standard cruiser
  13. South Dakota Class Battleship: This is a standard battleship except for one thing – its a later war “Fast”Battleship with a move of 3 and won’t slow your fleet down.
  14. Essex Class Fleet Carrier:  A beautiful, US Carrier – great for setting your P-80s on.



Fighting Railways released 2/12/16.  This expansion features 10 pieces of track build new rail lines on the map plus armored trains and railway guns.

First, lets cover the new railway markers and where to put them. These markers go on the border between two land zones, connecting them with a railroad.  It costs 4 IPP to place one – 8 IPP across a mountain border – or into a mountain zone.    Here are some great places to put them:

1. Soviet – CCP: If the CCP can get ahold of Sinkiang the Soviets can run a rail right to them across the border.  Although this costs 8 IPP it opens up a lend-lease path for the Chinese Communists to get some serious aid! T-34s, artillery, mechanized divisions – you name it.   Likewise if the Soviets can Align Mongolia they could easily run a line into the Xibei San Ma or Shanxi and achieve the same ends.

2. Soviet Lend-Lease Corridor: The USSR might find it prudent to build themselves a rail up from a (conquered) Iran or Afghanistan into Turkmenistan so the British can give you stuff….That is…if they are willing to give you stuff.   Convincing them is of course, part of the fun.

3. British Africa:  A new line from the Belgian Congo to Kordofan will give the British railway capacity from South Africa to Cairo – and beyond. Likewise, an Italian or Germany expansion in Africa would be well supported by a conquering Turkey and connecting the rails from there into North Africa.

4. Turkey-Soviet Line: The Soviets or Germans – depending on who is winning the game – might eventually wish to build a rail line connecting Kars to Transcaucasia, allowing units to be easily moved into or out of the Soviet south flank.

Now lets add Armored Trains to the mix. The armored train is designed to be used to COMBAT MOVE a unit via railroad – And although it will cost you 10 IPP its pretty useful to bring an extra armor into combat the same turn.  Many nations start with armored trains, which gives the more flexibility off the bat.

And finally, Railway guns are going to be addition to the set – not only are they a good 5/2 Artillery but they can “carpet bomb” – i.e. make an attack into an adjacent CITY so they are good for softening up your enemies.


Also I noted that the placement of the Japanese armored train does not say where in Manchuria so it should read “anywhere in Manchuria” on your set up charts.