Really excited about HBG’s American Minorities at War set.  This set was a great experience to design.  I am reminorities copyally happy not just to be giving American Minority units their due treatment in a war game but also have them come to life as actors on the stage that is Global War.  It is one kind of experience to read about the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, or the Tuskegee Airmen and another to deploy them, depend on them in a battle and experience their victories and defeats.   We hope this set will serve to honor and to educate the 17 units we feature in this expansion.


In brief – the American player (once at war) implements a “scheme” – a set of changes to the rules that you pay for.  The scheme costs 15 IPP and allows the American player to draw one unit per turn out of an opaque cup.   The player then rolls a dice.  On a 1-6 he gets to keep and use the unit on a 7-12 he puts it back – representing the inherent bias of the military at the time against using such units.  If the player gets to keep the unit there are instructions in the rules on exactly how each unit behaves.  The markers provided go underneath units on the board and modify them in some way or in some cases give you a free unit.


The units here are varied in type and ability: as a designer I tried to say away from too much “+1 Attack and Defense” and really represent the unit as best I could.  So you’ll find that these units do a lot of different things.  One issue that came up in the design was that most of these units are battalions and regiments which are much smaller formations than are typically represented on the Global War scale.   For this I just considered them to be part of, but contributing to the actions of a larger formation in a measurable way.


I’m exited for folks to play this expansion and experience for themselves the untold stories of American Minorities at war.



Alaskan Warriors is a new set from Historical Board Gaming:  This set features a number of new rules and units for the Alaskan theatre.

  • Alaska Territorial Guard marker
  • ALCAN Highway & Rail markers to build needed connections to the lower 48.
  • The Alaska-Siberia Railway project
  • Pacific lend-lease rules
  • and best of all, a PBY Catalina to prosecute your agenda.

You can view the rules and purchase Alaskan Warriors here

IMG_8389 IMG_8390 IMG_8387TalaskanwarriorsIMG_8386

The Z.511 is a great new addition to the Italian arsenal. This seaplane is probably the most versatile weapon the Italians have – its a medium bomber, a convoy raider, and it even comes with its own special operations Maiale Human Torpedo.   There’s no end to the reasons you’re going to love this aircraft. First, the COMBAT AIR PATROL  range is – 2- that puts it out in the middle of the Atlantic – away from any shore-based fighters.  While out there it can raid convoy lines – making it a very powerful weapon.  After release of our first ordnance set, I wanted to slip specialized ordnance weapons into more sets – and this set was perfect to add the Maiale.   There is even a scheme in this set to carry out MISSIONE NEW YORK – a special attack on New York Harbor the Italians planned using the Maiale and the Z.511.

Secret Submarine Bases is out! – What I really liked about writing this expansion is the randomness involved in trying to do something secret.   The Axis, Allies and the Comintern each have the opportunity to – (2x per game) pay to build a “secret” submarine base.   Once they pay the money the base and a submarine appears on the board in one of 6 possible locations.   None of the players know exactly where this is going to be and if it will be worth it.  Which means – a submarine could pop up and cause you trouble almost anywhere – as submarines are prone to do.

The result will keep players on their toes…I expect that just knowing its possible the Japanese can put a submarine off the US West Coast or the Allies could suddenly have a submarine lurking off the Maldives will keep players cautious.

One of the neatest parts of this set was some of the research:  The Japanese secret sub base in Baja was one of my favorite and you can learn ore about that here.