The P.1500 Monster is the newest unit you can add to your Global War gaming table.  This enormous weapon weighted 1500 tons and was powered by four submarine engines.

Construction: The P.1500 costs 12 IPP and must be constructed at a Major Factory in German home country.

Movement: The P.1500 has a combat move of 1.  It may only non-combat move via strategic rail movement or transport.  It cannot be involved in any round of an amphMonster - The P.1500 Landkreuzer v1.1ibious assault or be transported by an air transport.

Attack: The P.1500 may be used as artillery with a first strike attack of “8”.  The P.1500 may make a carpet-bombing attack on an adjacent city (or special fortification zone) with an attack of “6”.

Defense: When the P.1500 is the Defender it defends at 3.

Expansion Compatibility: The P.1500 may not be moved via armored train (Fighting Railways).