2025 Development Update

2025 Development is proceeding much faster than I anticipated.   The coalition of China, Russia, and the Islamic Caliphate vs. the EU, US and Pacific Coalition (India, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, South Africa) has gone through a couple spins and wound up being a load of fun each time.

We have 3D printed some test units and man are they fun to push around the board.   The fleet below:  Stealth super carrier with 2 F-14Ds (in your mind you can replace those with F-35s because that is what will be there) – next and LHD landing ship, a Zumwalt Class Stealth  destroyer, a CGX Guided Missile Cruiser and a next-generation guided missile submarine – Maybe the labels, and the sharpie borders lets you know this is of course not the final version but a vision of what will come to be.

No release date yet, but development is moving along quickly and I hope to get these rules perfected and for everyone to enjoy as fast as possible.


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