Joint Sea Zone Defense

JOINT DEFENSE OF A SEA ZONE – an uncommon problem that illustrates the conflict between Alliances – A question was posed to me recently that inspired this post.  As I work on rule clarifications for Global War, someone pointed out that while there are rules for members of the same Alliance sharing a land zone and defending jointly there isn’t clarify around what happens if the Soviets and Allies are attacked in the same sea zone.   I wanted to take a moment to explain, not just the mechanics but the point of the rule:

First, the rules – as amended – say that they could defend together – however, as with the rules for land zones state: “If player can’t agree on which casualties to select they may resolve the issue with a die roll.”   This is one thing when you have a US and British player with relatively similar victory conditions but another thing when you have a Soviet and British player who are just barely allies in the first place.   As you can imagine the Soviet player might be completely unwilling to cooperate, not because they “need” the fleet but because strengthening Britain will allow them to invade earlier and give the USSR less opportunity to gobble German owned territory.  On the other hand, you can imagine that if the USSR is on the ropes they might be desperate for Allied lend-lease and willing to cooperate!

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