Designing 2025

Design started this week on 2025, which meant I was back at the drawing board, problem solving a whole host of new dilemmas trying to get a futuristic version of Global underway.   First thing I did was lay out the map, which was our 1936 map with redrawn boundaries. I’d gone through the site Global Firepower to get force estimates for many countries.

The first issue I ran into was one of size.  North and South Korea have somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 infantry, not to mention other units – all packed into a very very small area of the map – no amount of resizing is going to fix that issue.  Likewise, Israel is a major hot spot and its way overcrowded.   Europe, in contrast looks a little lonely.


The second issue was dealing with national incomes – I was using military budgets at first, however realizing that in an all out war budgets would be at their maximum I thought GDP might be a better measure but this had its own set of problems. I took GDP and plugged into a formula


EU/NATO : 37

USA/Israel: 36

PACIFIC COALITION: 32 (India, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, South Korea)


And here’s the problem: RUSSIA: 8

That means Russia gets its rear end kicked, right off the bat the Europeans pulled their forces together (blue above) and outspent the Russians really quickly – And the USA came over and dumped more forces in Europe, not looking good for Russia.

Balance was interesting as well at the start- while I will play with forces to suit the scenario and make the game playable, using 2015 strengths the “Allies” (Pacific Coalition, EU/NATO and US) had the upper hand right away with naval strength. Its pretty clear they are going to own the oceans, which is okay since the Chinese, Russians and IC are fairly centralized.

The IC was one of the early winners, taking out Israel, and putting the squeeze on India as Chinese forces came the other way.   IC navies were wiped off the map by the US but large amounts of IC land forces are causing problems.

Nukes are of course, yet another issue and I’ve decided to save those for an expansion for two reasons – first, nuclear weapons are sure to make the game ultimately complex – so complex I think they should be optional. Second, the sheer number and types of weapons is staggering.  But there are fun surprises in store here – Soviet nuclear tipped air-air missiles? Israeli nuclear mines?  How to make nukes not game-ending will be very interesting – one way to curb this will be to have them cost a lot of victory points for first use.

Overall, the initial testing has been fun.  While I’m using World War II units presently, I am really looking forward to the units we have modeled for Global 2025 – both for 3D expansions and for our base game.  We have lots of fun stuff and more in our 3D printed line.


08-TAC AF-21B copy 05-2020 Tank XM1202 copy




  2 comments for “Designing 2025

  1. Nick Stabile
    November 16, 2015 at 11:17 pm

    Hi Historical Board Gaming,

    I was wondering whether or not Philippines and New Zealand will be part or the Pacific Coalition.

    Thank you,


    • dougfriend
      November 17, 2015 at 6:14 am

      At this point they are not. We are early in the development, I think New Zealand will probably be part of that Coalition
      The Philippines are independent, but there are also elements on the Philippines that could go the other way – There will be an influence
      process for non-Aligned nations to join the war.

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