E-100 Heavy TankOf all the units in HBG’s Amerika, my favorite to throw on the board has to be the E-100.  It’s big, mean and very intimidating.   So as we continue to give you ways to transition the Amerika units into Global War lets take a closer look at this – the big daddy of all tanks, the E-100.

The E-100 was a super-heavy, 140-ton tank with a 128mm main armament and a 75mm coaxial gun. Even with this load, the E-100 could achieve speeds of 25mph with a road range of 120 miles.

Unit Attack Defense Move Cost
E-100 9 9 2 10

Availability: When Germany develops Heavy Armor and produces at at least six Advanced Armor

Target Selection: 1-4 Armor-class units

Super Heavy: The E-100 cannot be the subject of Target Selection.

Yeah, you pay for this one, but it is a total wrecking machine once you get it.  Your opponent can’t use target selection to take it out, it has target selection 1-4 of its own, it hits on a 9, moves 2. and since it is armor it can blitz.   Definitely a late-war game changer.

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