Ordnance Set 1

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ORDNANCE SET 1 – GERMAN AND AMERICAN ORDNANCE: Our first expansion is something everyone can appreciate – Ordnance!  This set features a new concept for Global War (and A&A) players – the idea that you can spend money on advanced weapon systems you can expend to improve your combat outcomes.  In this post, I want to get in-depth as to how this system works and what you get in this expansion:

How does a player get an advanced weapon system: Okay, so here is where the new Global War tech chart really shines – the new multi-staged tech system allows players to access certain techs with only partial development in certain areas. For example, a guided bomb might require a player to have his marker on level 3 radar and level 2 strategic rockets – instead of having to go all the way through the development cycle for both.   If that sounds complex, its not – its just paying money to research and pushing your tech marker to the next level.

Are there cool German Weapons?

Why yes!  Okay so there is the FRITZ-X, that’s an armor piercing anti-ship missile, which is excellent for taking out high priority targets like British battleships. The Fritz-X gives a bonus in combat plus a target selection ability, making it a decent choice to go after the British navy.  You also get the HS-293, an anti-shipping missile. This allows your aircraft to go convoy raiding, and is pretty effective at increasing the damage you can do to British shipping.

For those pesky aircraft, the Germans get the X-4- a wire-guided air-air missile which is nice for raiding Britain, taking out Soviet fighters, and keeping your factories defended. If strategic bombers are an issue, the HS-117 is a great way to keep air power from ruining your day. You can use it with regular or factory-based AA.

Now if you feel like the US does not take enough punishment you also get the A-10 –that’s Germany’s intercontinental V-2, capable of damaging the United States.

What does the U.S. Get?

For all the heavy hitters Germany gets, the US gets some stuff too.   It has two very good anti-ship weapons – the LBD-1 Gargoyle, which unlike most other weapons can equip to fighters.  The N-2 BAT (in anti-ship and ground attack configuration) and the TDR-1 Drone, also good against ships.  These are wonderful weapons to bug the Japanese player – but don’t worry, the Japanese get good stuff to throw back at you in the next set.

The US also get their own strategic rocket – a copy of the German V-2 (JB-2 Loon), which is pretty awesome, and the T-12 Cloud Maker earthquake bomb – this adds to the strategic damage of a heavy bomber and will lay waste to Axis factories!

How does all this stuff work?

The rules are long, okay, so I won’t replicate them here but let me make this easy.  They pretty much move around the board easily – via rail and via a supply path (a naval-base to naval base route) until they reach a naval or air base where they can stay and be used to arm nearby units.  A unit that is “armed” has one of these underneath them and each unit has unique units it can arm to- for example, X-4s arm to fighters, HS-117s arm to AA guns, and so fourth.   Units expend them to gain a combat advantage at which point the marker goes away – So you can see that buying a bunch of LBD-1s might be great for your fight with the Japanese fleet but…all that money you spend could have also bought you another ship…..You have to be careful.

What’s next?

British and Japanese are next – The British have their own version of the T-12, anti-kamikaze missiles, surface to air rockets and more. The Japanese have some awesome suicide weapons (Cherry Blossoms, Suicide Boats, Human Torpedoes), their own copy of the A-10 and even some strategic balloon bombs to strike the US.  After that, if these sets are a hit with you folks, we have plans for more!