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Global War Series: Our Global War series consists of interconnected games spanning the time period of 1850-2025. Players can play any Global War game individually, or connect them together in one monster game where victory in one affects the starting point of the next. These games consist of both large scale wars (World War I, World War II, and hypothetical wars in 1985 and 2025), and interwar periods where players fight limited conflicts. As players transition from one game to the next, they upgrade units to new models, and make decisions about how their nation will enter the coming era.

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Global War 1850-1884


The 1800’s were a brutal century in the history of the World. Slavery, warfare, colonialism, and industrialization combined to with enormous changes in technology, lead to warfare, imperialism and violence on an unprecedented scale.

Where the averaged man gained a small voice in the political machine through both increasing electorate systems, development of trade unions, rise of a wage-labor economy, the abolition of large-scale slavery and the rise of people’s movements, he also suffered terribly. War, abhorrent working conditions, and (depending on where he lived) brutal oppression were part life.  Resources are the key to winning this era. Industrializing nations need iron, coal, textiles and other items to fuel their factories. They need luxury goods to feed their emerging consumer economies. Importation of food from other parts of the world is needed to reduce seasonal famine and support large, non-agrarian work force.

A Different Game1860 Battleship Roanoke

Global War 1850-1885 is a different type of game – one focused on acquiring colonies, resources and influence. Factories and railroads need building. Players of Global War are presented with a number of time-limited historical events, the outcome of which will determine their victory points at the end of the game. Events in the game include

(a)  Taiping / Chinese Rebellions and Opium war
(b)  Franco-Mexican War

(c)  Crimean War

(d)  American Civil War

(e)  Colonization of Africa

(f)  British, French and American intervention in China and Japan

And More…

During this game you’ll be making decisions for your nation in order to support your national interest. Opportunities will come up for players to react to world events

Ø Will the British and French intervene in the US Civil War to protect their cotton supplies?

Ø Will France and Britain go to war over African colonies?

Ø Can the Western powers enforce their unfair trade provisions on China and Japan or will they thwart the West?

Victory in this game leads to better starting conditions in our 1885-1914 game.

Global War 1885-1913

1885 Map

1885 Map

This game takes players through the final days of the Colonial Period including the intense competition over Africa. The Russo-Japanese War, Spanish-American war, Boxer Rebellion and other conflicts keep players busy trying to maintain and expand their empires.

1880 Battleship (PB) Virginia1898 Torp Destroyer Blakely Class

1914-1918 – The Great War1914 US Soldier

The definitive World War I experience: The Great War is our complete depiction of World War I.   This game features

(a) A completely remastered World War I map with many new land features and colonies

(b) A Global treatment of World War I which includes conflict in Africa and the Pacific Theatre.

(c) Many new World War I models

1906Battleship Florida

1919-1935 – The Interwar Years

This game takes players through the inter-war years from the end of World War I to where Global War 1936-1945 begins.  Players will be kept busy with wars in Russia, the Chinese Civil War and others.   Players respond to Global events of the 1920s and early 30s and accumulate victory points they can use to move improve their starting position in World War II.  Events featured in this game include:

(a) The Russian Civil War / Polish-Soviet War & Turkish War of independence

(b) Chinese Civil War (early years)

(c) Washington Naval Treaty

(d) Northern Expedition (and other warlord campaigns)

(e) Rif Wars

(f) War Plan Orange (Hypothetical US-Japanese war in the 1930s)

and more…

1951-1974 – The Cold War

1953 Med Tank M48A3 2 Gen Global War 1951-1974: This game is an interwar treatment of the Cold War, where the USA and its allies struggle against the global threat of Communism. Players will respond to world events including:

(a) Korean War

(b) Arab-Israeli wars

(c) Vietnam War

(d) Cuban Missile Crisis


1985-1991 – World War III


The Cold War is over, and the impending collapse of the Soviet Union has spurred its leaders to do the unthinkable – launch a massive invasion of Europe.  In this game, players battle US and NATO forces (and their allies around the Globe) against the worldwide threat from the Soviet Union and its Communist-backed regimes around the world.     The Communist player seeks not only to cripple the West, but support revolutionaries and rogue regimes willing to to its bidding.   All the while the specter of nuclear war looms as events propel both sides closer to DEFCON 5.  A unique nuclear brinkmanship rules in this game allows players to posture with nuclear weapons in a timed round that can end in disaster – for everyone.

B-2 Stealth Bomber

B-2 Stealth Bomber

1992-2024 – The Modern Age

Global War 1992-2024: Welcome to the Modern World!  This game puts players in charge of modern historical events during the 1990s and 2000s including the Global War on terror, conflicts in Europe and the Middle East and elsewhere.  This interwar game connects the 1991 game to the 2025 game, and lets players vie for Global supremacy in the modern age.  Events in this game include

(a) 911 and the US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan


2025 – Global War in the Near Future

2025 Map

2025 Map

Global War 2025 depicts war in the not-so distant future, where the Russians, Chinese and Islamic Caliphate band together to take on the US, European Union and a coalition of eastern states: India, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Australia.

The Back Story

The decline in oil prices caused by US shale oil & gas combined with a shift toward 3D manufacture spurred a major economic recession in oil exporters (Russia, and the Middle East) and manufacturing (China) which contributed to significant unrest and economic instability. By 2019, the shift created obvious winners and losers in the global economy, and brought to the surface age-old resentments, and fueled ethnic and religious tensions.   This brought hard liners to power in the Russian Federation and China.

Russian Federation: Economic instability has lead to rising tensions among the ethnically diverse groups in Russia.  Russia’s forceful integration of Ukraine increased hostility with the West.  Russia responded to the West’s rhetoric and embargos with increasing invasions of territorial air space and sabre rattling.   The West’s success left Russia with an unlikely ally –China.  Promising China a sphere of influence in the Pacific, Russia set its course towards crushing Europe while it had one advantage left – military strength.

China: A slow down in manufacturing has left many factories deserted and many workers idle.   An idle workers has fueled dissident ideas and tensions among ethnic minorities.  The loss of U.S. markets left China looking for new markets in the burgeoning populations of SE Asia.  Chinese Nationalism has also stirred her territorial ambitions to reclaim Taiwan, and forever expel the U.S. from the Korean peninsula.

The Middle East: During the last several years ISIS has increased its hold over the Middle East, creating a loose caliphate of states and groups claiming allegiance.   Unable to field a conventional army due to ongoing pressure from the US and Europe, they none the less made strides in Iran and Pakistan, gaining access to nuclear weapons and millions of converts.   In 2020, ISIS delegates achieved majority in the Pakistani Government.  Border tensions continue to rise with India over the disputed territory of Kashmir.   Now with their Russian allies prepared to funnel in arms, the Islamic Caliphate is prepared to achieve its ultimate goals – the collapse of Israel.

Zumwalt Class Destroyer

Zumwalt Class Destroyer