Ho-Ki Advanced Mechanized Infantry

Ho-Ki Mechanized Infantry

Amerika gives players the Ho-Ki- which we will use in the Global War-2nd Edition rules as an “Advanced Mechanized Infantry.” I would the first to say that there is nothing really “advanced” about the contraption, its a wooden box on treads, but since there is no unit that one can use specifically for advanced mechanized yet this fits the bill and so that’s what we are going to call it so you at least have a piece for it if you want one.

The Type 1 Ho-Ki was a tracked vehicle that entered service in 1944 as an artillery tractor and personnel transport. The total number produced was low due to its late entry in the war.

With Japanese armor costing a very expensive 8 IPP, and with a lot of territory to cover if you are playing a China strategy, the Ho-Ki isn’t a bad deal – Its got good attack and defense for the cost and the move to get it from your factories into the heart of China – or towards India – or across the USSR if that’s your plan.

Unit Attack Defense Move Cost
Ho-Ki 4 5 2 4


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