HO XVIII Medium Bomber

Ho XVIII Bomber

The Ho-XVIII was a flying-wing jet bomber design. The bomber was part of the Amerika bomber project to create a long-range weapon to strike targets in the United States. It’s stealthy design has lead some to speculate it would have given the US only eight minutes warning on approach.

Now of all the units in Amerika this is the one your’e going to want.  It will cost you in tech development but then…it can pretty much bomb anyone – anywhere – with a range of 18!  Aside from that it can’t be intercepted very easily.  That means you could hit Calcutta from Berlin, land in Formosa, and drop bombs on San Francisco the next turn.

Unit Attack Defense Move Cost
Ho-xviii 8 (1) 2 18 16

Availability: When Germany develops both Jet Fighter technology and long-range aircraft technology.

Flying Wing: The interception value of all aircraft opposing the HO-XVII is reduced by 2 so long as it (and other Friendly flying wings) are the only units in combat

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