HS-293 Anti-Ship Missile

WHY THE HS-293 IS A GAME CHANGER:   HBG’s new Ordnance set features a number of new weapons – including a few you can use to outfit your strategic and medium bombers for anti-shipping duty.  The development of the HS-293 requires Stage 3 Rockets and Stage 3 Radar – making the average availability of this weapon for Germany July of 1942 (if you roll in an average way).

The HS-293 is one of my favorite weapons because it really allows the Germans soIMG_7809me new possibilities.     Strategic Bombers can now be used to target convoy lines – giving them an added ability they would not have.

ORDA 4.0 convoy raiding by aircraft

4.0 Overview: Some aircraft from Global War expansions may engage in Convoy Raiding. The procedure is similar to a submarine raiding except as follows:

4.1 Combat Air Patrol: A raiding aircraft must be on combat air patrol and capable of raiding.

4.2 Escorts: Escorting surface warships get a single attack against the aircraft unless those aircraft have first strike.

4.3 Advanced ASW: Players who have developed Advanced ASW automatically get a single attack at “2” against each enemy raiding aircraft raiding the convoy line where they have IPP to lose.

The aircraft must be on combat air patrol – which gives it a range of only “1”- however a bomber could quickly make the trip down to somewhere on the African coast, or out to the Azores which would put it in good striking position for the convoy lines.    A great house rule to represent the FW Condor (and other) long-range anti-shipping aircraft would be to give bombers a patrol range of “2” which would put them out into the Atlantic (or elsewhere) enough to really be a menace.

– You might be wondering why exactly players with Advanced ASW get an attack at the aircraft – the reason for this is that Advanced ASW would include the use of CAM ships which could launch aircraft to defend the convoy.


Download the Ordnance Rules here for free

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