Hello Global War Gamers.

In this, my first series of Global War lessons, I want to broadly introduce the 1936 scenario. (Our 39 scenario will come out later).  Playing the 1936 is a different animal for many people to get use to so its important you have an early understanding of how this game is designed.

prelude-to-war-1The Axis: You’ll notice that the Allies have a mechanic in place that allows them to increase their peacetime income based on the aggressive actions of the Axis.   Germany, Italy and Japan will use the first six turns of the game to prepare for war – not execute it.   Starting the war early means a lot of extra income for France and Britain. We saw a lot of novice players rush to war on Turn 1 only to give Britain an additional 70 IPP over 6 turns!!!   Waiting for Germany has some other advantages – One being that Germany gets Mechanized Infantry and Medium Armor before other nations, allowing it to start the war with better units.  A good strategy is to save some money here so you can get better units

The Japanese will have to decide where they want to prosecute the war. China provides a lot of resources for the Japanese, but it can become a quagmire for them if they are not careful.   They need to go in strong, and realize that China starts off fragmented into Warlord zones and embroiled in a civil war with the Communists.   Letting them alone doesn’t give you any money, but attacking them causes China to jump from 6 IPP to 13 and brings a number of warlord units under their control.     Italy starts with a free hand – no one can attack Italy until it attacks a neutral so Italy can position itself nicely in the early part of the war.

Germany and Italy will also find themselves fighting the Spanish Civil War.   There is an element of strategy to figuring out how much resources to put here.  Too little and the Russians will control Spain, a bad bad thing for Germany.   Spend too much and you might not have what you need for the war against more powerful nations.

2. The Allies: Britain begins the game without a lot to do since it can’t just openly declare war on anyone until it reaches full production.  But Britain (and the Far East Command/ANZAC) have a lot of building to do in order to be ready for the war. There are many strategic positions that need reinforcing.   France will need to build carefully.  They also control Abyssinian forces against Italy. The USA will be busy controlling the KMT Chinese. If Japan doesn’t attack, the USA could use Chinese forces to take over warlord territories or wipe out the CCP – But too much of that might give Japan the weakness they are looking for.

3. The Comintern: Russia has NO attack ability due to purges until January 1939 – So its really just building and running the Communist Chinese (which are held up in the Mountains of Shensi) and the Republicans in Spain.  The Republicans will need some Soviet support in order to resist the Italian/German backed Nationalists.  Winning Spain can be a big victory for the USSR as a win here gives you Spain when you’re at war with Germany.   That not only causes headaches for Germany, but it interferes with both French and US victory conditions who suffer from this in victory points.   The CCP is important for you also. The CCP grew from 8,000 in 1936 to 8 million by the end of the war. The mechanic that allows this is the CCP’s ability to make a reinforcement roll every turn based on the number of territories it controls.   An unchecked CCP can grow quickly, and that should be your goal.

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