O-1 Super Heavy Tank

O-I Heavy Tank

The O1 was a heavy Japanese tank prototype. A 100-ton and a 120 ton version were designed. The massive tank would have had a crew of 11 and a top speed of only 15 mph (25kts). The tank was designed in a number of configurations featuring 10cm or105mm main guns and secondary 37mm or 47mm anti-tank turrets and up to three 7.7mm machine guns. One version of the tank also featured two light rocket artillery canisters. A heavy tank of this caliber was initial designed to counter Soviet forces which proved superior in early war border conflicts in Manchuria.

Unit Attack Defense Move Cost
O1 9 8 1 9


Availability: After Japan develops Heavy Armor

Target Selection: 1-2 Armor-Class Units.

Super-Heavy: The O-1 cannot be the subject of target selection.

How might the Japanese player use the O-1 effectively?  Its move of one represents obviously its abysmally slow speed combined with its weight that would render it unfit for almost any small bridge in Asia – but the O-1 is as good in the game as it could have been in life – which is to say, it will make mincemeat out of Soviet tanks not to mention it will crush Chinese forces – It just won’t get anywhere very quickly.  An O-1 would be a nice addition to Japanese land forces in China.   Thus as a Japanese strategy investment in Heavy Armor is a good way to go – not only because it give you the Chi-To medium tank which brings your armor in line with the rest of the world but it also gives you access to this massive beast to crush all opposition.



The O-1 is available in the Amerika game from Historical Board Gaming.

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