Ordnance II – Japan and Britain


Ordnance II – JAPANESE and BRITISH ordnance weapons are out. As with Ordnance 1, players can use the tech development process to craft a number of advanced ordnance weapons they expend in combat  (You can download the rules for free – check them out).  The suicide weapons are really great for defending Japan : the Kaiten, MXY-Z Ohka and Shinyo make it doubly hard for the USA to invade Japan.  Additionally, the I-Go radio controlled bomb gives your fleet and land-based aircraft an advantage against the Allied fleets.   Japan can also take the war to the USA with the A-11 ICBM and Fu-Go balloon bomb that crosses the Pacific on air currents.

The British player will appreciate the Fairey Stooge and Unrotated projectiles to defend his navy and the Z-battery to protect factories and units on the homeland.   The RP-3 air to ground rocket will be useful in supporting your forces on land (it also works well against submarines) and finally, there is the grand slam 20,000lb earthquake bomb – it will make the German player quake – literally.


So, for strategy, as Japan I’ve found that piling up suicide weapons can easily make the US player chance course.  I like to throw a few I-Gos on my carrier aircraft just for the sheer intimidation factor.  The balloon bombs you can accumulate in Japan with extra income, along with a few ICBMs just to make him feel a little unsafe.  By far though, the suicide weapons are my favorite toy in the game.

For Britain, which ones are most effective is really going to depend on what you are facing.  As the Japanese player stocks up on Ohkas, you might start buying a few Fairey Stooges to counter.  If you are getting slammed by the German bombers in Britain, Z-Batteries can turn the tide!

Happy Fighting!

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