Panther II

Panther II Medium TankThe Panther II is a Germany heavy tank. The Panther II improved the Panther I by giving it increased armor protection and adding the Tiger’s hard-hitting 88mm gun. Only one Panther II prototype was completed by war’s end. In game, this unit represents improvements to the Advanced Armor already available for development.

Unit Attack Defense Move Cost
Panther II 9 8 2 9



Availability: When Germany develops Heavy Armor and produces at least 3 Tiger IEs or other Advanced Armor.

This is a really great looking unit on the board – I like how it strikes fear into my opponents. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I do feel like I’m going to win the game when I have a 9/8, blitzing armor on the board.  Just one or two of these is enough to anchor a formation of infantry on defense or spearhead an assault.

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