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Chris_Henry asked 2 years ago

Guys, sorry to be the one to say this, but I think you need to rework the Commanders pdf download and re-upload to the site. Do you realize that no where on the rule set does it actually say what the commander modifiers are? I’m assuming it’s just +1 attack/defense based on the example from section 1.6, but it no where on the document says definitively what the modifiers actually are. The rules really should outline flatly what the abilities of a commander are somewhere.
Also, are you able to buy new Commanders, or can you only replace ones that are destroyed? It doesn’t say anywhere in the rule set about creating new ones, only replacing (1.5). Seems pointless to have so many commanders in the set if you can’t buy new, so assume that’s not the case. How do you buy new ones? IPP’s? Just a die roll each turn? How?
Rule section 1.6 cuts off mid sentence: “Thus, he could not direct aircraft to one zone and then participate in an”. That’s all it says. Assume it should be finished to say “ground assault” or something along those lines. Needs to be fixed.
In the 1936 set up chart, the “c” in commander for the German commander in Berlin is missing. Should be fixed.
The asterisk next to the CCP commander referring to a lack of Soviet commanders seems pointless to me. CCP and Soviets are separate, and thus this seems irrelevant to me as it pertains to the CCP. The notation on Soviet commanders should just be a separate note somewhere if you find necessary to add, at least in my opinion.

Chris_Henry replied 2 years ago

To state more clearly, there should be a unit profile, just like any other unit in the game. Movement, Attack Value, Defense Value, Abilities, Cost, etc.

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HBG-Doug Staff answered 2 years ago

There should be new rule set on the site now that shows the left off section.
Somehow the wrong version was uploaded.   To answer some of the questions

  • What was cut off earlier was the meat and potatoes – the +1 Attack and Defense
  • As the rules state, you only get Commanders when you go to war with a NEW major power, thus you are limited by that and you do not buy new commanders, although there is a way to replace ones that are destroyed.
  • The lack of a Soviet Commmander reflects the great purges, and people will ask about it if we don’t say why they don’t get one.