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Mission asked 5 years ago

We finished two full days playing GW36.  Great game, by the way.  As the allies, I have been frustrated by an inability to stop German submarine raiding.  I have complete control of the North Atlantic.  I have freedom to amphibious assault from Stetten to the Southern Atlantic Coast of France.  I have three aircraft carriers with aircraft on them, and 29 other surface war ships. Germany has 9 submarines in the Baltic Sea and North Atlantic and no surface warships.  The only way I can attack his submarines is with aircraft on combat air patrol.  I cannot bring my carriers in range of his submarines for two reasons.  If I move them towards the submarines so that CAP can occur the following round, the submarines can do one of the following:
move out of range and convoy raid anyway; or
mass on the aircraft carrier and sink it.
To protect the aircraft carrier, I must then send an escort fleet with it which means I cannot defend convoy lines.  This means I must split my fleet into three rendering any given fleet vulnerable to a massed submarine attack coupled with the German Luftwaffe.  Furthermore, being massed together renders me unable to defend against convoy raiding, meaning that Germany cripples the English economy with unescorted convoy lanes being raided.
Both UK and the US have rolled ASW since first able to.  The UK is at stage 1 of development.  The US, at stage 2.  Germany obtained advanced submarines in 4 consecutive rounds of rolling and wartime economy in five consecutive rounds of rolling.
The fact that I have 32 war ships, including 5 aircraft on three carriers, and cannot successfully hunt down German submarines does not make any sense.  How can I have complete control of the North Atlantic, but cannot sink German submarines?  The convoy raiding rules and the inability to sink Germany submarines have unbalanced the game in Germany’s favour.  With submarines at 5 IPP vice 7 IPP for allied destroyers, and an inability to stop convoy raiding, it is only a matter of time before the UK has no economy and the Germans have a submarine fleet large enough to destroy any allied fleet.
This needs to be fixed.  I propose that aircraft from carriers can CAP any distance to their maximum range as long as they can land on a carrier when non-combat is finished.  This would even the playing field somewhat and bring some sense into this portion of the game.  If I have the ability to build three aircraft carriers in the European theatre, and protect them with 29 ships, there should be no way German submarines cannot be hunted down and destroyed.
Any other suggestions?

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HBG-Doug Staff answered 5 years ago

So if you look at the rules the raiding roll is an opposed D6 roll : Submarine rolls a D6 and the player whose convoys are being raided rolls a D6.  The RAIDER does damage equal to what he wins the roll by.  So Raider rolls a 4, Convoy rolls 2 – 2 IPP are lost due to raiding.
The convoy raiding table spells out the modifiers:
+1 for a Coastal Sub
+2 for a sub
+4 for an advanced Sub
+1 PER escorting ship on the line
+2 friendly aircraft present in the zone
+2 radar technology
Thus, a single submarine would roll a D6+2.   If the defender had 3 surface warships escorting anywhere on the named convoy line he would have +3.  
3 Submarines raiding a line would EACH SEPARATELY roll a D6+2  vs. a D6 +3
And every raiding submarine would be subject to 3 rolls from the defenders – so if you had 3 destroyers, three dice at “4” –
My goal, by the way was to keep the British forced to protect their lines rather than do what they always do which is stock up a massive transport and surface fleet in the channel and hit Germany where it hurts.

HBG-Doug Staff answered 5 years ago

Oh and one more thing for all you guys- my name is Will but I show up as Doug because Doug is our president and he set up this account.
so most of the time its me responding.

Redjac answered 5 years ago

Just so I have exactly right, can a carrier move two or more zones transporting  an airplane and then have the airplane declare combat air patrol to attack an enemy submarine? Or can the airplane just move just one zone and declare combar air patrol and attack? In the latter case is corrct then it does not really matter if the airplane begins on the carrier or not, as there is no way to get past the rule that the range of combat air patrol is one.
If the plane does legally attack a submarine can all other ships in the same zone attack with it? Or just the plane(s) on combat air patrol?
Lastly, if the submarine declines to fight with a defense roll, it can submerge and only suffer one round of enemy attacks even if the enemy has a plane on combat air patrol. Am I correct on this last rule as well?
I know you have answered questions related to this issue before, but I wanted make sure I got it exactly right.

HBG-Doug Staff answered 5 years ago
  1.  Yes, it can move into the zone with the sub and the plane can go on CAP there – immediately it is eligible to attack any unit that is there during combat phase.   
  2. It must go on CAP in the same zone as the carrier
  3. Remember that the RANGE is one – and it can go out one and return 1 on non-combat move – no requirement for it to stay out
  4. The plane can participate with other units in the same combat – the only real restriction that is being placed on the aircraft is its movement because it is – in theory – spending its turn patrolling that sea zone rather than moving across it.  It can do all the stuff it normally would do and remain at sea on CAP
  5. The submarine can – and since it can’t cause casualties to aircraft – probably should submerge after one round.  Being on CAP allows the aircraft to attack the sub but does not negate the subs ability to submerge.