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Chris_Henry asked 3 years ago

Worried this would get lost in PattonAtsatt’s questions if I posted a response there, so sorry for multiple threads!
What happens to the Yugoslavian generation rolls when using both the Partisans and Croatia at War Expansions? Croatia at War says Comintern generation of Partisans on a roll of 12, but Partisans Expanion says Comintern generation on an 11 and Free French on a 12.
I’m assuming the Partisan rules would trump the Croatia rules in this regard, as it’s essentially adding a die outcome only, but the two Expansions do contradict each other.
Another question I have also relates to if using the Turkey at War Expansion as well. Let’s say two Turkish Partisans form together, make a Militia, and take Transcaucasia. According to the rules this wouldn’t initiate war with the USSR, but would the USSR be allowed to make Partisan generation rolls for the territory since it was taken from them and is a Home Country territory? This would also apply to Iraq, Azerbaijan, and Crete too I believe, as they are minor nations, but would not apply to Syria or Cyprus because they are colonies of a major power, but not Home Country, correct?

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HBG-Doug Staff answered 3 years ago

You have to use one or the other, you can’t use two Partisan generation systems.  As a play group you will have to decide which set of Partisan rules fits better with your style.   
In the case of Turkey at war, the USSR …
The Turkey at War expansion specifically says that the capture does not equate to a declaration of war (these are esentially arab nationalist movements) and represent a coming of independence rather than a take-over by Turkey of these areas – in short to say if the area is never attacked, it never Aligns,   And if it never Aligns, it was never yours – now in the case of Transcausia it started Russian so it does get Partisan generation rolls for that one.
Syria is French, so French would get rolls there for Partisans.  But for neutrals since no one controls them, the special Turkish rule would mean they could change hands without triggering Partisan generation. Make sense>?

Chris_Henry replied 3 years ago

Just want to be sure I’m understanding correctly. So you’re saying you can use both Expansions, or are you saying you can’t? The “one of the other” comment threw me off a bit.

If saying you can use both Expansions, but only one Partisan generation system, what you say makes sense. But what if, say, Turkey generates Partisans in Crete in a neutral Greece, creates a Militia, and takes the territory. I get no war happens, etc. But what if after that, Germany invades Greece, so now Greece is Allied controlled/aligned, depending on the game situation. Would the Allies/Greece be allowed to generate Partisans in Crete, as well as the mainland Greek territories, or only the mainland territories because Turkey occupied Crete before it was Allied aligned/controlled?