Plan Z – 2 questions

Global FAQPlan Z – 2 questions
Steven Kuntz asked 1 year ago

1.) Can you start Plan Z later than “January 39”?
The rulebook says:
January 1939: A player may declare he is purchasing the 1939 War Plan Z Scheme during set up of a 1939 game
or any turn thereafter. Or January 1939
This could mean that it is absolutly necessary to decide to start it in January 1939 or during a gamesetup 1939.
2. The Setup Changes… if you could start the Plan Z later in the game… and if Germany has already 2 technical breaktrhoughs on the Chart… do they get thePlace a German roundel on Stage 2 Improved Shipyards” as additional steps and could therefor finish the Research with activating the Plan Z?