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Steven Kuntz asked 3 years ago

In the Alaskan Warriors Setup it is stated that for purpose of balancing the Japanese get:
1 Militia + 1 Harbour at Kurile Islands (SZ 39)

But in the normal “Standard”-Setup for Japan they already have this equipment there…

What to do?

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HBG-Doug Staff answered 3 years ago

We must have added that post Alaskan warriors.    I think set ups were modified slightly since its release.

Steven Kuntz replied 2 years ago

Hi Doug 😊

We checked, but both
– the Japan NRC
– the Alaskan Warriors

still have the same stuff die Kuriles

We implemented a houserule now:
1. The Militia becomes an Infantry
2. Japan gets 1 free Harbor or airfield into the Place Units Box