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rohr94 asked 5 years ago

For the rules v. 1.1 is there any way to distinguish which rules have been changed or updated? I dont want to have to read the rules front to back again. Something like updates or addendums written in red kinda thing.

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HGB-Will Staff answered 5 years ago

As soon as 1.1 is out I will be sending out a list of changes.  Probably posting – by far the most changes are clarifications – here is a very preliminary version of that list
Rule Changes Summary                                                                                                                           

  1. Clarified that you can attack across Burma Road
  2. Clarified that Carpet Bombing is only one round and not pre-emptive
  3. Clarified – A nation whose capital is taken loses all its IPPs even if it does not surrender
  4. Changed – All nations lose accumulated IPP when their capital is taken.
  5. Changed – French Indo China and New Caledonia become Japanese if Vichy.
  6. Clarified – Language around US influence in South America to make it clearer.
  7. Clarified – Soviet Northern Sea route and allowed Soviets to give anyone passage they choose.
  8. Clarified language in Convoy Raiding rules
  9. Added in Spain new reinforcement rules.
  10. Clarified Repair of Capital Ships
  11. Clarified that a city is surrounded if it can’t trace a supply path to another friendly land zone.
  12. Clarified that “declaring war” means initiating it.
  13. Clarified – if you take your turn together you are are Aligned you can attack and move together – USA/KMT USSR/CCP   ALL UK
  14. Updated Victory conditions for most nations in small ways
  15. Added Sydney and Calcutta as FEC/ANZAC capitals for purposes of 9.20 (losing money when your capital is captured).
  16. Changed Sleeping Bear Rule for Russia so that it can declare war but continues to roll for income if it is the declarer.
  17. Changed “Bonuses” to being cumulative, except for fortifications. And reducing a unit below 0
  18. Chicago added as list of cities required for US surrender
  19. Changes the Japanese militia rule to 1945 or US having 5 transports otherwise Japan could never get invaded.
  20. Clarified some statistics specifically around aircraft interception values.
  21. Changed incorrect sea zones in set ups.
  22. Changes some nations bonus income and income increase rules.
  23. Added Japanese “dug in defense” to protect Okinawa.