Secret Submarine Bases is out! – What I really liked about writing this expansion is the randomness involved in trying to do something secret.   The Axis, Allies and the Comintern each have the opportunity to – (2x per game) pay to build a “secret” submarine base.   Once they pay the money the base and a submarine appears on the board in one of 6 possible locations.   None of the players know exactly where this is going to be and if it will be worth it.  Which means – a submarine could pop up and cause you trouble almost anywhere – as submarines are prone to do.

The result will keep players on their toes…I expect that just knowing its possible the Japanese can put a submarine off the US West Coast or the Allies could suddenly have a submarine lurking off the Maldives will keep players cautious.

One of the neatest parts of this set was some of the research:  The Japanese secret sub base in Baja was one of my favorite and you can learn ore about that here.



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