Shinden Jet Fighter

Shinden Fighter

The Shinden Jet fighter is another Amerika unit that you will be able to use quite effectively in Global War-2nd edition with the rules here (or in the soon to be released Amerika Global War Companion.)  First, lets get to know the front from the back.   The right side of this image is the front and the back has a pusher-propellor and two stabilization fins.

The Kyushu J7W Shinden was a Japanese advanced interceptor with a rear pusher propeller. The Shinden was a land-based interceptor intended to counter the American B-29s which were causing significant damage to Japanese infrastructure. The Shinden had four 30mm cannons. The aircraft had excellent maneuverability but a range of only 530 miles. While only two prototypes were completed, the Japanese estimated that over a thousand could be produced between April 1946 and March 1947 to defend the home island.

Unit Attack Defense Move Cost
Shinden 7 7(6) 2 11

 Availability: January 1946 (if you are not using variable game end rules, make the Shinden available when Japan has Stage 3 Jet Aircraft.

Interceptor: The Shinden can only cause casualties to aircraft.

Land-Based: The Shinden cannot be placed on an Aircraft Carrier.


Kyushu J7W Shinden

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