The Ki-91

The finishing touches are on the GLOBAL WAR COMPANION for Amerika which means that it will not be too long – hopefully for ya’lls Christmas present you will be able to use all the base pieces from Amerika in Global War.  So lets start with one you are really going to want to use as Japan the Ki-91 bomber.

he Ki-91Ki-91 Bomber was a 4-engine long range bomber designed by the Japanese during World War II. The project was cancelled before reaching the prototype stage. The proposed bomber had a range of 5,592 miles. It would have carried eight 20mm cannons for self-defense and about 8,000lbs of bombs.

In order to get ahold of it you will need to develop long-range aircraft technology but this is much much more exciting – it has a range of 15 – which means it can support a whole lot of operations from Japan.  That puts this bad boy anywhere from Calcutta, to San Francisco to Novosibirsk.  There is a requirement for you to first build at least two other long-range aircraft but that’s a small price to pay for the impressive range the Ki-91 can provide.



Unit Attack Defense Move Cost
Ki-91 Strategic bombing 3(1) 15 15



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  1. dconrad
    December 22, 2015 at 2:49 pm

    Possible game changer 🙂

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