Z.511 CANT

The Z.511 is a great new addition to the Italian arsenal. This seaplane is probably the most versatile weapon the Italians have – its a medium bomber, a convoy raider, and it even comes with its own special operations Maiale Human Torpedo.   There’s no end to the reasons you’re going to love this aircraft. First, the COMBAT AIR PATROL  range is – 2- that puts it out in the middle of the Atlantic – away from any shore-based fighters.  While out there it can raid convoy lines – making it a very powerful weapon.  After release of our first ordnance set, I wanted to slip specialized ordnance weapons into more sets – and this set was perfect to add the Maiale.   There is even a scheme in this set to carry out MISSIONE NEW YORK – a special attack on New York Harbor the Italians planned using the Maiale and the Z.511.

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